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Feats 4 Feet

East Wimmera Health Service's fun run for 2017 has been held on Sunday 27th August in Lord Nelson Park, St Arnaud at 11am

This year's event featured Australian Olympic Legend, Steve "Mona" Moneghetti who encouraged others along the course.

The official 2017 results are :


Men – 1st – Travis Allen, 2nd – Andrew Weir, and 3rd – Ian Lewis

Women – 1st – Tiffany Bussem-Jorgensen, 2nd – Melissa Weir, 3rd – Sandra Fanning

Boys 15 and Under was won by Duncan Jackson

Girls 15 and Under – 1st – Soraya Palmer, 2nd – Imogen Williams

Primary School Boys – 1st – Tom Myers, 2nd – Owen Lowe, 3rd – Tyler Medlyn

Primary School Girls – 1st – Abby Weir, 2nd – Millie Hando, 3rd – Sami Weir



Men – 1st – Nick Myers, 2nd – Alister Ferguson, 3rd – Angus Ostarcevic

Women – 1st – Zoey Torney, 2nd – Emily Mills, 3rd – Rebecca Cumming

Girls 15 and Under was won by Alicia Myers



Men – 1st – Lochie Flanagan, 2nd – Russell Marland

Women – 1st – Jo Fields, 2nd – Tracey Myers, 3rd – Cathy Jennings


The Best Dressed Individual was won by Princess, Emily Mills and the Fastest Team was won by the Avoca Community Bank team of Naomi Medlyn, Kylie Gollop and Julie Driscoll.


The Raffle was won by Emily Mills.

East Wimmera Health Service thanks all sponsors including